Welcome to Pearl Tower

Pearl Tower is a personal website dedicated to my interests and whatever else that's wrong with me.

Content Warning: A large majority of what I discuss or share on this blog may contain adult themes or sensitive content not suitable for all audiences, and is marked as R18+.
If this sounds distasteful to you, you can visit my wife's website instead, which is much cuter.
Otherwise, I hope that you can find something here that you enjoy as much as I do.

Pearl Tower is still largely a work in progress, so please visit again sometime soon for more updates.

Update Log

┈┈ January 23, 2023.
Made some minor cosmetic changes to the site but I'm pretty happy with it!

┈┈ January 22, 2023.
Created an About section, but I'm still working on it.

┈┈ January 6, 2023.
Added a welcome message to the index.

┈┈ January 1, 2023.
Pearl Tower is now underway. Update log added.