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You can call me Love. I'm a black-white biracial gay hairstylist in my mid-twenties, hobbyist fan-artist/author, and best described as a man who is a fancy lady.

I'm an Aquarius, ISTP type 5w6, avid appreciator of art and aesthetics, and my life's purpose is being a fudanshi. I have an inclination for darker themes, surrealism, psychological thriller, erotic-horror, oddities and obscurities, and my taste tends to be a bit outdated retro.

I'm primarily interested in BL, and I really love Nitro+Chiral BLVNs, Slow Damage and Sweet Pool especially. My favorite BL mangaka are Fujitobi, Thanat, Asada Nemui, and Takahashi Hidebu. I'm a huge fan of the danmei author Priest, and my favorite BL novel of hers is Liu Yao.
I also like CLAMP, Tezuka Osamu, Urasawa Naoki, Takahashi Rumiko, Kamatani Yuhki, Mobile Suit Gundam, Sonic The Hedgehog, Silent Hill, and Team ICO.

IRL I enjoy my work, driving and motorcycles, trains, scented candles, all felids, and loud music. My best friend of eight years is a lesbian whom I facetiously refer to as my wife, and we met on Tumblr through a mutual love of Kaitou KID.



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